How To Train Your Dragon

tech duck(Warning! This is not a proven method.)

I have devised a way of judging a person’s technological proficiency with one simple question. Ask any person what mapping site they use.

Possible answers and what they mean:

  • Google Maps… The person is l33t and worthy of your praise, or very lucky.
  • Yahoo Maps… Yahoo has maps? How did anyone find out about this?
  • Bing Maps… This person can’t be trusted with a computer, and likely has a virus at this very moment.
  • Mapquest… Whoa. This is a person who still uses AOL. Proceed with caution.
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It’s Never-ending

IMG_20140613_131322I used to think I was a patient guy. In classes, I can sit through the most boring of lectures and not bat an eyelash. When I’m working, I will suffer through people trying to do some of the most mundane computer tasks without pushing them to go faster or grabbing the controls and doing it myself.

Then baby came and I find my patience flying the coop on a daily basis. All I can think about is how we’re only 8 months in and it’s probably not going to get easier at this point.

Baby wants to eat, baby needs a nap, baby doesn’t want to go to sleep, baby wakes up, baby wants attention, baby grabs at everything, baby won’t let me or mommy eat, baby laughs at me, baby pisses the dog off, baby won’t let me or mommy sleep, baby gets into things, baby wants his freedom, baby doesn’t want to be interrupted when his Wheel of Fortune is on, baby doesn’t want to watch The Neverending Story with daddy, baby cries when nothing’s wrong, etc.

Daddy needs a beer. All work and no play, make daddy something something.

It’s frustrating when you try to do everything you can and nothing seems to be enough. I just want to make him happy and content, but there are times when I’m not able to do that and I feel helpless.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is patience and then there is “parental patience.” I have only mastered the first kind.

To all the fathers who’ve had the patience not to drop kick their child like a football, I salute you.

Happy Father’s Day.

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Oui Oui, Trout Sniffer

brute squadThere is been a lot of hack-tivity on this blog recently. Someone in France (based on the logs) was trying to brute force attack the login page.

Initially, I was concerned, because one of the accounts being targeted had administrator access. This was a mistake that has since been corrected. And then I realized that there was little chance in hell this person/bot would be able to crack one of these passwords when the system locks out the user after 3 failed attempts. I figure there might have been 9 tries for each user. I’m pretty sure my password would take millions of guesses.

Even with the threat being low, I decided to make it my mission to thwart this hacking attempt as a learning experience. I tried a bunch of things to block bots, and that didn’t seem to do it, so it seems this may have been a real person. Then I tried some different plugins and a login page Captcha. None of it seemed to do any good. I finally had to do some special magic and so far that has done the trick.

You can have my blog when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

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Bloody Hell

I was just looking at available movie titles on various streaming sites when I came across this. It just made my day, but I’m not spending $3 on that piece of garbage. I’d rather find my VHS tape back. (No, I wouldn’t.)

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To Infinity and Beyond

kazoo 2Development has begun on the new and improved smash hit side-scrolling video game, Kazoo 2: The Rescue. The idea was conceived by my friends and I about a decade ago. We had an intro cutscene, a title start screen, and the first level. I always intended to revisit the game and finish it.

Recently, I cracked open the Flash project files and spent hours trying to figure out how to merge the cutscene, title screen, and level 1 files into one cohesive unit. Eventually, I decided that I didn’t want to work on the project in Flash anymore. My opinion of Adobe has gone way done since dealing with their idiotic licensing (and pricing) at my job. I like Photoshop and Illustrator, but I’m not going to pay the ridiculous amount of money they want for their software. Gimp works really well as a free replacement to Photoshop.

So I went into research mode to figure out how best to go about re-imagining this game without Flash. With a budget of $0, I found a free game development program called Tululoo. It’s on both Mac and PC and it functions much in the same way as GameMaker. It has some downsides to being free. It has an occasional bug and the features are lacking compared to GameMaker. My main requirement was to be able to code for HTML5/JavaScript, which GameMaker will do for about $200 minimum. Tululoo will work just fine for now.

The development is off to a great start. I’ve managed to get a bunch of sprites together and I sketched out the storyline for how I’d like the game to play out. It’s surprising how quickly things fall into place.

Check out the playable demo over at

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